There is nothing more valuable to us than the trust of our patients. Here are some of their thoughts: 


"We’ve known Dr Padilla from the very beginning of her career. She changed our life! seriously she reminded my family and I that a key component of happiness and fulfillment is wellness. At the time that was the part of our life we neglected the most. With her help and expertise she was able to bring our family to a fully well state of mind of body. "

__ Annie B.


"Dr. Orta is an incredible pediatrician and we put our entire trust in him. We have 2 kids under the age of 2 that both attend daycare, and with the amount of colds our kids get, you could say we are frequently at Dr. Orta’s office! He never makes you feel like you are an inconvenience, he wants you to come in to be seen and takes everything very seriously. He takes as much time as needed to spend with you and your children, answering any questions you may have, and explaining things so clearly. We feel so lucky to have him as our pediatrician and have recommended him to our friends and family members whenever we get the chance to! Thank you!"

__Meghan K


"Our doctor was very dismissive of other approaches to health. We were referred to Dr Carol at a time during which we had decided to invest in our health prior to expanding our family. Dr Carol has been guiding us ever since, through nutrition, education, alternative treatments, always in direct collaboration with our PCP. We cannot be more thankful to her. "

___ Sunny and Jay

"He is an amazing, caring and compassionate doctor who goes above and beyond for his patients! Dr Orta does not take No for an answer. My personal experience was he did not know the answer when something serious when happening to my child and he kept searching until he found the solution no matter how long it took him!! I will always be forever grateful for his determination to get the problem corrected and be my child's voice in this difficult world."

__Keri W

"My wife had some difficulties with her health prior to conceiving our twins but through common sense and advanced testing Dr. Carol was not only able to find the root cause of the issue and allowed us to be healthy and conceive and keep our beautiful girls healthy and thriving. "

___Maria and Samanta

“Dr Orta is the “gold standard “ in his field. He is compassionate and takes time to listen to the needs of our children. We are so lucky we found him, especially when he quickly diagnosed an emergency on our son and got everything set so the hospital was ready for us when we arrived. His knowledge of the latest technology makes you feel like you are receiving the best care. He never leaves you with questions and always goes beyond what you would expect from you pediatrician.”

__Marie- Christine B


"I am really glad that we had found Dr. Padilla to help with our daughter's recovery from (borderline) eating disorder. Dr. Padilla is really loving, caring, and knows naturopathy and other alternative healing methods very well. The treatment plan that she put together for my daughter finally cured her!. Today she is doing very well, mentally and physically! I highly recommend Dr. Padilla to all who are reading this review."

___ Dipa P.

"I highly recommend Dr. Orta. He is a wonderful doctor, capable and relatable. He has been awesome for my adolescent son, has always been available to deal with any issue that’s arisen, and his follow up is great. As an example, my son suffered from nose bleeds for many years. When Dr. Orta arrived at our pediatric practice, he got us to the right specialist. He followed all of the treatment, and even met with us separately so we understood the issues and procedures necessary to solve the problem. We are fortunate to have him as our pediatrician."

__Kelly K


"We started having Dr. Orta as our pediatrician when our daughter was 4 years old, and I was expecting our second child. We were very content and satisfied with the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Orta, and even more pleasantly surprised with the amount of time he actually takes to listen to your concerns and to explain any causes of an illness or condition, and the best possible treatment for your child. We highly recommend Dr. Orta, and hope to have him as our pediatrician for many years to come. "

__Ana B

"I was very pleased to find a doctor who provided lactation support. She came home and saw my baby and me and helped us form that initial bond that allowed us to maintain a proper lactation for over 2 years. Dr Padilla quickly realized that my child had a tongue tie and referred us that same day to a pediatrician for repair. The procedure took less than a minute and Dr Padilla saw us the same day after to reassess the latch and provide support. I might also add that it costs us less than our deductible would have been. Thank you Dr P."

___ Anna K.