8 Easy Steps to Feed your 4 Month old Baby

This is a complex and challenging topic to discuss in brief due to the number of variations based on formula vs breastfeeding and also cultural preferences. I dive into this topic in detail in my feeding plan booklet but I wanted to give you the simple idea. This is my plan for my patients and my own babies.

The basic idea is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

In summary you are just giving a small taste of food, not a true feeding. You are trying to introduce an adequate menu and reduce chances of food allergies and intolerances. Be systematic and constant (organization feeding chart), and don’t be afraid this is safe.

The plan:

  1. Amount: 1 or 2 teaspoons per day

  2. Use your finger - wet it in the puree and let your child lick your finger. You are only giving a small taste. Some people prefer to use a soft spoon but at the age it is much better to use your hands.

  3. Single items only - no combinations (i.e.: spinach, avocado, etc)

  4. Switch or add a new item every 3 days (keep a chart)

  5. Observe for any adverse reactions - mostly rashes but other signs might be redness of the lips, tongue, diarrhea.

  6. I would suggest to start mid day to be able observe for any immediate reactions.

  7. The texture should be soft puree.

  8. You may chose any veggie or fruit to start with but preferences vary depending on specific situations and cultural preferences.

It is easy, safe, and the best way to start expanding the menu.

Don't be afraid. You got this!