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Immunization Policy

This policy is effective and updated as of 01/01/2024. 

We recommend for all our patients to be vaccinated. We understand that you may have questions and would like to learn more about this topic and for that reason we have structured our practice taking this into consideration. 

Our official and only recommendation is to follow the CDC / ACIP recommended vaccination schedule.

We recommend and require that all vaccines must be started and completed according to the schedule.

We will make every attempt to educate, be available to answer questions, guide, and aid in the medical decision regarding all medical interventions including immunizations.

Our office provides extended visit time, flexibility of schedules, immunization classes for the community and our patients, vaccination drives, same day visits, and more in order to aid families to provide life saving immunization to the children.

We do not endorse or recommend any alternative schedule as data shows that immunization refusals and delays increase the risk and prevalence of preventable diseases.

We most certainly oppose vaccine avoidance as this poses significant risk for the children in our practice and community.

All parents are required to sign our current policy upon registration and at every new iteration. 

We do not provide medical exemptions based on parental choices. All medical exemptions must meet specific criteria and be reviewed and approved by our medical board.

Here are some useful links: 

CDC Vaccine page

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