Expert Integrative Medicine in Post-natal Care and Lactation Support

FIG Health Lactation provides a personalized, on-demand care to you and your bundle of joy

 Breastfeeding your baby is natural, but it often does not come easily. With the right support, care and education most nursing pairs find success in a mutually rewarding experience.  

Having the right Health Care Team can be key to getting that relationship off to a good start and smoothing any bumps in your road. Nothing compares to the experience of breastfeeding and its benefits for you and the baby.

We have everything but the milk! from Certified Lactation experts and Doctors, an ever expanding community, as well as pumps and supplements to help you through the process from start to finish.  

newborn Education

We will guide you and teach you how to take care of your newborn. Changing diapers, burp positions, bathing techniques and more

feeding support

You will have the best care and guidance for your baby needs. Our Lactation Consultants & Doctors who will help you navigate the world of feeding your baby.

personalized nutritional care

It is important to take care of yourself while you take care of your baby. Our Doctor will guide you step by step which essential nutrients your body needs.

mommy & me support group

It takes a village to raise a kid. We always heat this, but where is the village? Well at FIG Health you will find this community. You will have ongoing support and guidance from moms and Doctors. 



Concierge Integrative Pediatrics by experienced, board-certified, and caring doctors available whenever and wherever you need us. 

Every family experience is Unique

We offer Concierge Lactation Consultations

Office Visits

Virtual Consultations

Home Visits

Our Licensed Lactation Consultant & Doctor

Can Help with:

Infant position and proper latch

Nipple pain, breast pain, engorgement and mastitis

Milk supply

Questions about how often or how long to breastfeed/express milk/bottle feed

Pumping, storage & exclusive pumping

The Child is refusing to feed at the breast/chest or take a bottle

Baby is having excessive gas or spit up

Help weaning from the nipple shield

Help weaning from formula

Mom is struggling emotionally and feels discouraged or ready to “throw in the towel”

Identifying and adjusting for infant mouth issues such as tongue-tie. 

Strategies to return to work (weaning)

Prenatal counseling for breastfeeding

Preemies, multiples

Adopted newborns

Personalized Nutrition for Mom and Baby

And more!

We want the best for YOU!

Get 1:1 consultation with our Doctor and Lactation Consultant at our offices, virtually or in your home.

Expectant Couple

Expectant Parents

Our care starts even before your new family member arrives. Call us to see how we help you at every step of the journey. 



Having a healthy pregnancy promotes a healthy birth and baby. We will guide you with your nutrition, symptoms during pregnancy and more.


In just a few clicks, you can book a consultation with our Lactation Consultants & Doctor who will help you navigate the world of feeding your baby.

baby CARE

Full service concierge pediatrics, including integrative medicine.


FIG Health Care experts will help you and your baby get the best care you could have during your fourth trimester.