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Our Mission

To change and elevate the practice of Pediatric Medicine.

We set out to change the pediatric care delivery model by focusing on the doctor-patient relationship.

We engineered the entire practice structure from the ground up making families our priority and everything in our practice revolves around this principle. 

So, we asked and listened and listened well. We tailored everything in our practice taking these requests and ideas in mind and adapting them to modern technologies that ensure quality and security. 

Our practice delivers high quality medical care for children. 

In essence our practice is easy to access, welcoming, patient oriented and consumer friendly; a place our patients look forward to come to and not dread. 

We have revived the old town, mom & pop, style with modern medicine and services. 


Conoce a nuestros doctores

Dra. Carolina Padilla, ND, IBCLC, CLC

Years in Practice: 11

Specialty: Integrative Medicine and Lactation Support

Areas of interest: Nutrition, Postnatal Care, Breastfeeding


  • University of Virginia, School of Medicine, the Virginia Department of Health.

  • ALLP The Academy of Lactation Policy  

  • International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and Practice

  • Specialization in ankyloglossia in lactation by International Breastfeeding Institude, Spain

Professional experience: Infertility care, Maternal health, Postpartum care, primary care,  rural medicine, integrative medicine. 

Personal Background: Born and raised in Ecuador. American Trained Physician. I am married to a Nature lover and have 2 beautiful girls. I love gardening and creating new recipes with what I harvest. Love to go hiking and teach my girls to respect and learn from nature. We are a family of foodies. We are always creating new delicious food.

If you would like to learn more about our practice click on the link below to schedule a meet and greet me via Zoom or in person. 

Dr. Manuel Orta, MD

Years in Practice: 11

Specialty: Primary Care Pediatrics 

Areas of interest: Developmental Pediatrics, Complex Care, Mental Health, and Nutrition. 

Professional experience: primary care, hospital based pediatrics, pediatric emergency medicine, rural medicine, integrative approaches in pediatric medicine, NICU, nursery and transitional NICU, transitional ICU. 

Personal Background: born and raised in Venezuela with Spaniard and Cuban Heritage, proud to be an American Citizen, American Trained Physician. I am married with 2 children. I have too many hobbies to count but mostly I am a Nature Enthusiast; I like anything that brings me closer to nature. And lastly, I am a really serious foodie.  

If you would you like to learn more about my philosophy, why I do what I do, my practice style, and my modern pediatric practice project click on the link below to meet me via Zoom or in person. 

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