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Our Classes

We offer monthly classes where we will be empowering, educating and supporting families.  Our classes are taught by health care professionals. We want to provide the best guidance and support to our families.  


Prenatal Lactation

2nd Tuesday of every month, 6 pm

Having the right knowledge and guidance will help prepare you to have successful breastfeeding. This class is taught by our Doctor and IBCLC.

This class is perfect when you are in your 3rd trimester.

Mom Nutrition 101

3rd Wednesday of every month, 6 pm

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive this class is perfect for you! Learn the right tools in nutrition that you need to support a healthy pregnancy and make sure your baby is getting all the right nutrients.

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Breast Pump Fitting Class

3rd Monday of every month, 6 pm

Confuse about what breast pump you should get? We will help you! Our Doctor and IBCLC will teach you about breast pumps, the pros and cons, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Infant CPR

1st Monday  of every month, 6 pm

Coming Soon


Newborn 101

2nd Wednesday of every month, 6 pm

Coming Soon

Safety 101

4th Monday  of every month, 6 pm

Coming Soon

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