FIG Health Pre-Natal Care provides a personalized, on-demand care to you and your bundle of joy

This is a time where you need support, love, guidance, rest and a safe environment. Pregnancy is a time that you need to prepare and take care of yourself and baby. We are here to guide and help you every step of your beautiful journey. 

Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby 

Personalized Care

Naturopathic Medicine

 Lactation Support

Educational Classes

Prenatal Nutritional Medicine

Pediatric Support


Comprehensive Care For You and Your Baby

Pregnancy Support

Mommy & Me Support Group

On-demand Professional Support

Personalized Nutritional Medicine 

Coordination of Care

and more

We want the best for YOU!

Get 1:1 consultation with our Doctor at our offices, virtually or in your home.

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Having a healthy pregnancy promotes a healthy birth and baby. We will guide you with your nutrition, symptoms during pregnancy and more.


 Book a consultation with our Lactation Consultants & Doctor who will guide you with your baby feeding needs. 


Full service concierge pediatrics, including integrative medicine.


FIG Health Care experts will help you and your baby get the best care you could have during your fourth trimester.